Zuma Slots May Reserve Their Place in York County’s Casinos Soon

Perhaps, it was a shock to all when Southern Maine’s secretary of the state actually invalidated approximately 55,000 petition signatures of the group. These petition signatures were significant to secure a spot on the 2017 ballot and that is why, York County casino campaigners were gathering enough signatures to achieve the same.

It is known that this campaign has achieved almost around 35,000 valid signatures of the Maine voters. This number contributes to approx. 57% of the total signatures that were required to qualify for the ballot. Furthermore, the representatives of the campaign have not commented anything on this until now. However, the professional signatories have been seen on the internet discussing about the renewed push to acquire the remaining signatures from Maine.

Donations by Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, the sister of the Shawn Scott who has made his name as the very popular international casino developer made the news y contributing around $300,000. She donated this huge amount to Horseracing Jobs Fairness, as it is behind the county’s casino campaign. In addition to this, according to the finance reports of the campaign, her total contribution has reached to $3.5 million and the total amount left in the accounts of Horseracing Jobs Fairness is almost $1 million, which is an amazing increase.

Renewing the Efforts to Gather Signatures

In order to attain more and more signatures, the County’s campaign has filed paperwork in which the names of the people hired to circulate petitions in Maine has been mentioned. This list of individuals has been provided to the Secretary of State’s Office. According to the spokeswoman for Secretary of State Matt Dunlap’s office, Kristen Muszynski, this actually indicates the further efforts to gather the signatures. In fact, there are around six authorised campaigns to collect the signatures.

State’s Gambling Establishments

Oxford Casino in Western Maine and Hollywood Casino in Bangor are the two very strong gambling establishments of the state. However, it is expected that the York County’s casino will captivate the attention of the people from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Yes, the people who are a great fan of casino games like Zuma slots are sure to visit this casino. It is significant to highlight that the proposed ballot measure was established to allow only one individual to bring the slot machines to York County i.e. the entrepreneur of Las Vegas, Shawn Scott. Scott was the one who won voter approval for Maine successfully in the year 2003.

Invalidation of the Signatures

As per the media reports, Dunlap had actually invalidated 55,776 signatures out of 91,924 petition signatures that were gathered by the campaign. The reason behind the invalidation was that some signatures were not of the registered voters. In fact, all those signatures were identical. As a result of this, there have been many authenticity questions and the valid signatures left were only 35,518 that were counted as valid. It means that the campaign has been short of 61,123 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot.

To add on, rumors are that the circulators of the petition followed illegal and deceitful practices and some were not even paid. It was known that many of these full-time campaigners were offered up to $10 a signature and free housing & transportation. It means that the organisers were only aimed at gathering as many signatures irrespective of the means just to meet the cutoff to submit all these petitions to the state election officials.

Therefore, it is expected that the required number of remaining valid signatures will soon be acquired legally and the petition circulators of Maine be paid their dues!

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