Zuma Slots Bonus Games

zuma slot 3Having made your mind up that you would like to start playing slot games online or on a mobile device, you will then need to spend a little bit of time looking around and discovering just which slot games have been designed in such a way that you will get the maximum fun and entertainment value out of playing them.

With there now being thousands upon thousands of different slots available to online and mobile players, the amount of time you could spend researching and comparing all of them could be huge!

However, we have spent weeks playing the vast majority of online slots and have put together this website to introduce to you the very best playing and paying ones, and one slot that certainly did tick all of the right boxes in regards to what we look for is the Zuma slot which is a colourful looking yet very unique video slot game.

The Zuma slot has both base game features that can be triggered at any time and also a main bonus game which is where you have the chance of winning some enormous amounts of cash if everything falls into place when that bonus game has been triggered and awarded to you.

Please do have a good look through this guide on the bonus games offered by the Zuma slot, for we are more than convinced when you do so it will become a slot you have listed high up on your list of slots to get stuck into playing when you are next logged into an online or mobile casino or even one of the many different bingo sites that have it available!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

zuma multiplierIt is the bonus games and bonus features that we found made the Zuma slot such a highly playable game, and with that in mind here is an overview of the bonus games and features that you may just end up being awarded with if you choose to play it!

Pick and Win Bonus Games – The bonus game on offer on the Zuma slot machine is a three stage one and you will get to play off each stage every single time you have triggered the bonus round.

The way in which you trigger the bonus round is fairly straight forward and that is by you spinning in at eats three of the scatter symbols anywhere in view. It is at that moment in time you play off the first picking game which sees you picking one Tiki Boss on the screen to shoot and when shot it will then reveal a set of free spins.

At the end of the free spins bonus game all winnings you achieve can be boosted in value possibly quite significantly as you then have to play off another picking game much like the first but the Tiki Boss when shot reveals a multiplier which is then used to boost the value of our free spins winning payout.

Free Spins Bonus Games – The free spins bonus game which is awarded as described above is going to be playing out with the same paylines and the same stakes a you have in play on the triggering base game spin.

Gamble Game – Unlike many other slots which offer you a gamble game, the one gamble game attached to the Zuma game is completely random and not a predetermine one! So if you do like taking the occasional gamble and trying to increase the value of any base game spun in winning payout then you do have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning!

How this bonus game works is very unique, for when you have spun in a winning combination and then have clicked on the gamble button you will be presented with four reels. The aim is to pick the reel which will spin in with a win symbol as opposed to a losing one on its payline, and by doing so your base game winning payout will be boosted in value instantly.

However, the payout odds on each of those four reels is different, and as such you have the chance of picking a reel which if it does spin in the winning symbol will boost your payout by x2, x4, x5 or x10. So do make sure you think long and hard which reel you do spin, as each of them does come with their own unique level of risk.

You will also be able to gamble just a percentage of your base game winning payout if you do not fancy putting it all at risk via the gamble game. Plus, you can continue to gamble if you do have a winning outcome!

Zuma Slot Stakes and Prizes

As you have such an enormous and in fact ever growing range of different slot games all offering a range of different bonus games and bonus features, picking out the slots that appeal to you the most to play is of course important.

We really can guarantee you are going to be in for a roller coaster of a ride if you decide to play the Zuma slot game, and as such let us now take a look at some of the option settings that are available to you if and when you do decide to get stuck into playing this must play video slot!

Payline Options – The very first thing you will need to do if you do decide to play the Zuma slot is to choose just how many paylines you wish to activate and have in live play. You can put into play a minimum of one single payline or opt to have every single payline activated and by doing the latter you will have 20 paylines in total in live play.

Keep in mind however that the more pay lines you do decide to play the more chances you will then have on each spin of forming one of the many different winning combinations as listed on the pay table!

High Certified RTP – One thing that is bound to grab your attention about the Zuma slot game is that it is designed as a high paying slot by virtue of its long term expected payout percentage. It goes without saying the higher the RTP of any slot game the more winning payouts you will achieve over your long term play.

If you are wondering just how high that payout percentage is then we are happy to let you know the Zuma slot has been set to return a payout percentage of a huge 95% and is also a certified random slot too!

Staking Options – You can play this slot for very low stake levels as low as just one penny per spin or if you want to throw caution to the wind and play it for some much higher stake levels then you are going to be able to increase the coin values to ones you wish to play for.

Just keep in mind that being a multi-stake slot you can also chop and change the stakes you are playing the Zuma slot game for, so if you do have a run of good luck you can increase the coin values slowly but surely!

Auto Play – An auto play setting is also available to you should you fancy playing the Zuma slot for free to enable you to test it out or when playing it in a real money playing environment.

The things you will have to keep in mind when using the auto play option setting is just how many payline you wish to have in play on each spin and also what coin values and stake you wish to have in play. Then simply select the number of spins you want to play off and the slot will play them off for you!

Speed Settings – You will also find that if you are in a hurry and do not have much time to play the Zuma slot you will be able to configure the slot in such a way that you will be able to play off a lot of spins in a very short space of time.

To do so you will need to activate and turn on the speed play option setting which will then ensure the reels spin and stop very quickly and a lot of the animated graphics will be tuned off to enable you to play lots of spins quickly!

Sound and Screen Size – As you are going to be playing the Zuma slot on possibly a range of different devices, one additional set of option settings that you are going to be able to make use of and configure are the screen size and audio settings.

One tip for you getting the best playing experience will be for you to play this slot in the full screen size version of the game and do also make sure that you have the volume settings set as high as they can be!




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