Various Types of Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos Will Help You Play Zuma Slots

When we talk about online casinos, there is a very competitive environment out there. It becomes confusing for one to decide which online casino will best suit a person’s desires to play. This is because almost all casinos offer nearly the same casino games like Zuma slots.

But most of the casinos have come up with a solution to make playing games thrilling by rewarding various types of bonuses to the players. They do this so that they can attract new players to join them and also to keep the interest of the existing players intact for playing games like Zuma slots.

The number of existing online casinos is massive. It is very bothersome to pick a right casino only by its looks. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is not just a saying. It holds true is so many ways.

The online casinos must match the player’s needs. In order to make a difference among large online casinos, a variety of bonuses is provided to attract players all over the web. There are three types of ways to give the bonus to convince players to play on their slot machines in this race of online casinos. The three basic bonuses offered by all online casinos are load bonus, free play bonus and  referral bonus.

Various Types of Bonuses Available at All Online Casinos

Types of Load Bonus

Deposit Bonus

The first type of load bonus is a deposit bonus. Casinos grant an initial deposit bonus into the account of a new player when a person chooses to play on their casino. The deposit bonus is the supplementary money received into the account of a new player along with some bonus rules stated. The deposit bonus given is proportionate to the amount loaded into the account by a new player. For instance, an American based web casino will offer a deposit bonus of a dollar for a single dollar credited by the player in his/her account. In the same way, different casinos provide bonus to the players based on various criteria and calculated in other currencies. You can use this bonus to play games such as Zuma slots.

Reload Bonus

The other kind of load bonus is the reload bonus. It is contributed to the players when more cash is added to an already existing account. It is basically the same as deposit bonus; the only dissimilarity being that deposit bonus is added to a new account and reload bonus is added to the existing account only when the player supplies additional money into his account for staying long and playing more.

Free Play Bonus

This is a second type of bonus offered by casinos. It doesn’t credit your account with extra cash but provides you with a free trial. It is most commonly rewarded by bingo and lottery drawing websites to its players. As the name suggests, one free game is granted to a player. It may provide a roll of the dice, bingo, lottery ticket or something along the lines of a prize wheel. It is the most fun bonus to use as it gives you a chance of playing the game for free and if you play it right, you get to win your free trial. How exciting is that!

Referral Bonus

Online casinos provide referral bonus which doesn’t provide a fixed benefit, but it can come up with surprises. It may sometimes provide money, or a free play trial or prize points for a particular game. There may be many alternatives each casino site uses.

Referral bonus gives wondrous results. It turns a player into a casino affiliate. A smart casino affiliate earns a lot. They try to bring in new customers for the casino and if the new player makes a deposit, then the affiliate who brought in the respective customer will be offered compensation.

This is highly beneficial for both the customers turned into affiliates and the casino as it expands business. Quite naturally, the more the customers, more the profit!

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