The Evolution of Slot Machines and Online Casino Games Like Zuma Slots

As the technology has developed, the slot machine has undergone many changes. It has advanced over the years starting with one-armed bandit to the digital versions available at the online casinos today.

One such site is, which offers you a chance to play on various slot machines such as Zuma slots. A slot machine is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels. As the technology has been developed, slot machines have improved to attract more customers with its wonderful graphics in HD and amazing sound effects. Let us see how the slot machines have changed over the years.

The Mechanical Era (1895-1964) in the Evolution of Slot Machines

The first ever slot machine was named as One-armed bandit invented by a San Francisco mechanic, Charles Fey in the year 1894. He was best known for inventing the slot machine. One-armed bandit was operated by one lever on the side of the machine. He then built the 4-11-44 machine after a year. It was a successful model but it did not give cash payouts. Later, he quit his job from the Electric Works Company and started up his own factory. He created the first machine to offer cash prizes in the year 1898.

The following year, he presented his most famous model: the Liberty Bell which had three barrels and ten symbols on each barrel. When three liberty bells are received by a player, he would hit the jackpot. The screen would display the “cracked bell” symbol when the jackpot is hit. This symbol is still used in the casinos.

In 1907, Herbert Milz, the Chicago industrialist ordered to start the construction of the very first fruits slot machine. As the name suggests, the symbols used in the machine were in the shape of cherries, lemons and plums. The slot machine culture evolved majorly after the banishment of gambling in 1910 by the State of Nevada. Gambling was still practiced in the prohibition period (1919-1933) in illegal gambling houses.

The Electromechanical Era (1964-1975) in the Evolution of Slot Machines

The world’s first electromechanical machine was built in this era in the year 1964 by Bally Technologies. The new machines were similar to the old ones, the only difference being that these machines used electric levers as a replacement for springs to move barrels. The newly developed machines also highlighted sound effects and greater hoppers for more gainful payouts. Also, more reels and symbols were contained in the electromechanical machine to allow gamblers to win more profit.

The Early Digital Era (1975-1995) in the Evolution of Slot Machines

The digital era initiated in mid-1970’s with the creation of video poker. With the introduction of digital era, the gaming world expanded. Further, many machines developed in this era accepted notes by the year 1980. Later, the first advanced jackpot was released by the year 1986.

The Online Era (1995-present) in the Evolution of Slot Machines

In 1995, the first online gambling club was opened with the introduction of Internet. There were better and more attractive machines developed with the progress of the Internet. The online games have many features of the earlier built machines in different eras. It comprises of more number of games, storylines with additional playful features. The gaming industry has experienced major changes with the growth of technology over the years.

Technological advances have surely been beneficial to the slot machines for building brilliant graphics that attracts the gamblers and allows them to choose from a wide variety of games as per their fondness. One such popular and fun game introduced is Zuma slots which can be played at online casinos.

Online casinos offer free spins, bonuses and huge jackpots to attract customers and make their experience of gambling pleasurable. With the introduction of eye tracking technology (early 2000s) and smartphones (2007), the online casino industry has matured and has extended the opportunities of profit and entertainment.

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