Maryland’s Casino Gambling Revenue Rising High with the Introduction of Zuma Slots

The casino gambling revenue of Maryland has always cracked the news with its incessant profits. Yes, the revenue witnessed year-on-year hike in this September, which has made the concerned authorities overwhelmed. However, it has considerably failed to clear the $100 million hurdle. This piece of writing further discusses the total revenue of Maryland’s different casinos and their actual growth.

About the Total Revenue

According to the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Agency, there was a rise of 11% in the state’s overall casino revenue making the total revenue reach at $97.1 million. In addition to this, the table games contributed almost around $35.4 million of the total amount, an increase of 27% while slot games were at $61.7 million. It hints at the fact that the slot games like Zuma slot are much popular among the casino lovers. Nonetheless, the sad part is that the entire revenue flopped to meet the mark of $100 million despite such great increase. This mark has actually been achieved in last four of the five months through August.

Revenues of Different Casinos

Maryland casino, a casino that features hundreds and thousands of slot machines and other table games made its name with the revenue as high as up to $53.9 million. This casino with classic environs showed an increase of 8.8% year on year and was only a bit off from August’s revenue i.e. $55.9 million. To add on, the very famous Horseshoe Casino Baltimore has showed the best improvement of all the other casinos on the list. It has considerably risen from $21.6% to $26.9 million. It is known that it is due to the table games only that the Horseshoe casino has made such an improvement. The table games helped it to fetch around $12.5 million, an increase of 38% approximately.

Moving on to the Hollywood Casino Perryville, it showed an increase of 4.6%, which means it made a profit of $5.92 million. A little below than Hollywood is the Ocean Downs Casino showing a growth of %2.9% and fetching revenue of $5.87 million. While talking about the Rocky Gap casino, it is at the end of the entire list. However, Rocky has shown an individual growth of 14.9%, which is great but ended up with the revenue of only $4.4 million.

Maryland Live – The Best of All

According to the media reports, the Cordish Companies’ Maryland Live has been given the title of the State’s best casino recently. The tag has been given by the passionate readers of ‘Casino Player Magazine’ who claim to have become the finest fan of this casino. In fact, at the time of annual survey, Maryland Live actually earned 10 Best of Gaming Awards including Casino Where You Feel Luckiest. This means that this is the casino where players would love spending their money to earn great cash and be a millionaire. No doubt, it has become a heartthrob among the players of all the age groups.

When it comes to the statement or the reaction of the General Manager of Maryland Live casino, it is worth noting. Doug Shipley, the GM said that the casino has always been winning the title of Best Casino every year right from the time it was opened for public in the year 2012. Shipley continued mentioning that the under construction hotel expansion worth $200 million is going to make the guests sings songs of praises for the years to come.

At the end, it is known that Shipley is going to have a new competition in the coming year’s survey. The GM looks quite confident to fight through the other opponents like National Harbor and Horseshoe.

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