Increasing Revenues in Spain’s Online Gambling Market with Online Slots like Zuma Slots

The year 2016 has actually proved to be very fruitful for the Spain’s regulated online gambling market. According to the news, the online gambling market of Spain earned profits in double digits in the third quarter of the present year. The Spanish gaming regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) declared that the industry showed a revenue of €103m in the third quarter that ended on September 30. The increase has gone as high as up to 22.2% as compared to the same quarter of the last year.

Without a doubt, the gains have booted up the confidence Spain’s online gambling industry. Here, the customer deposits have fallen by around 2.4% while the total online gambling turnover has fallen by 5.6 % from the second quarter. This means that the growth against such a fall is commendable and has shown great double digit year-on-year gains. While talking about the number of registered users, it has actually risen up to 90% as compared to the last year. In addition, the third quarter showed a growth of new users by 81%.

Result of Addition of Online Casino Games Like Zuma Slots

In the second quarter of the year 2015, the online gambling industry of Spain added online slots to its profile, which has today helped it to reap its benefits. In the present third quarter, the online casino vertical showed a gain of 56.7% up to €28.4 million. All this has been possible only because of the addition of the online slots like Zuma slots, as more and more people around the globe have been attracted to it. The contribution of online slots was at €13.8 million while Roulette contributed with €10.6 million. However, Blackjack remained with €4 million only.

In addition to this, the sports betting revenue has actually increased by 15% every year accounting up to €56.8 million. It is because the total gambling turnover has improved by 19%. When it comes to in-play betting, it comprises of 53.2% of sports revenue and 73.4% of sports wagers. However, on the other hand, the budding exchange betting sector has contributed the minimum with a turnover of only €20.8 million, an increase of just 1.8%. It further contributed with the revenue of €120 thousand only.

Poker: A Fail!

The reports declared that Poker has actually spoilt the entire online gambling revenue. It has fallen down to €13.8 million i.e. 4.3%. This figure has showed a gain of 0.3% on the number of the second quarter. To add on, the revenue and cash game stakes also came down by 9.7%. In contrast to this, the tournament revenue has showed a rise of 0.85% despite the fall of total entry fees by 8.6%.

It has been seen that poker has proved to be a failure in captivating the attention of hundreds and millions of players around the globe. It has failed to build its audience and its value in the market share. On the other hand, the revenues of Bingo have increased by 22% up to €2.2 million by bringing in more audience and the contests have further improved by 23.3% to €1.7 million.

The Bottom Line

In the third quarter, the Spanish licensed operators have hit €19.7 million on advertising. The figure is lower as compared to the second quarter due to the fact that operators rested their marketing campaigns of Euro 2016. To add on, the figures of affiliate spending were at €4.8 million, which is an increase by 9.4%. Therefore, it simply shows that despite the failure of some sectors of online gambling, the Spain’s overall online gambling market has shown a great increase. In future, the double digits are sure to turn into triple digits!

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