How to Play Zuma Slot

zuma slot 4There are plenty of different slot games and slot machines that you are going to find yourself playing when you sign up to a range of different casino sites, and as a player you should be actively seeking out those slots which have been designed to give players the maximum entertainment and excitement.

You will also be looking for slots that have been designed in such a way that when playing them you have a reasonable chance of winning a huge jackpot payout, or a slot which has a set of bonus games and bonus features that could massively increase the pay able listed winning payouts when they have been triggered and awarded to you.

With that in mind we would like to introduce you to and show you how to play the Zuma slot, this slot has something of a cult following thanks to its unique design and structure. If you do like keeping your options open when logged into any online casino site in regards to just which slot games you play, please read on for there really is a lot to like about this fun to play video slot!

Before you do walk you through how the Zuma slot game plays and pays, keep in mind that all of the casinos listed throughout this website offer it as both a free play or real money slot, so if you do like what you read and wish to sample playing it then you are going to find plenty of casino sites that have it on offer!

Configuring Zuma Slot

The best way to decide if you are going to enjoy playing this slot is of course to know how the bonus games and features have been designed and we will be covering those aspects of the slot in the following section.

However this section of going to be looking at how you can configure this slot yourself based on the available option settings, so please do pay attention for we can guarantee there will be a staking option and way of setting this slot to play that will appeal to you and the way you enjoy playing slots the most!

Optional Paylines – You are going to be able to play from one to twenty paylines per spin on the Zuma slot you choose to play off for it has been designed as an optional payline slot. As the coin values are also fully configurable by players you will always be guaranteed of being able to configure this slot in such a way it is an affordable one to play based on your gambling bankroll!

Coin Values – There will be a range of different maximum bet limits available on the Zuma slot depending on just which casino sites you choose to play it at, for many casinos can configure the maximum staking options available on this slot.

However, you will always have the option of being able to play it for a low stake amount if you like to low roll as every casino and bingo site will offer a minimum coin value setting of just 0.01, however you can of course increase the coin values as per your preferred stake levels that you like to play slot games for!

Auto Play Setting – You will not have to sit there clicking on the spin button each time you want to play off another spin on this slot, for instead of doing that spend just a couple of minutes configuring the auto play option setting.

You will be able to set the slot to play off as many or as few spins automatically via the auto play setting as you like, and you will also be able to pick and chose the stakes each of those spins will play off for too!

Max Bet Button – There is of course a max bet button on the Zuma slot machines control panel, however just make sure that before you click on that button you have set the coin values to ones that you are happy to play for!

It do you click on the max bet button without checking the coin values chosen you may just end up playing off a very high cost spin when you intended to do just the opposite, so always do check the coin values you have chosen before making use of that particular control button!

Additional Settings – One final thing to keep in mind in regards to just how you can configure the Zuma slot game, is that there is an option setting button you can click on which will give you a range of additional settings you can put into play.

You will be able to alter and adjust the screen size of this slot to suit the device you are playing it form and you will of course have full control over the sound effects and volume of the slot game too, so do consider playing around with those settings to enable you to have something of a tailored slot playing session!

Why Play the Zuma Slot?

If you have so found what you are reading about the Zuma slot game to your liking and do want to play it online for free or for real money then be aware it is an instant play slot.

So as long as the device whether a laptop, computer or even a tablet or mobile device has a web browser attached to it then you are going to be able to get stuck into playing it with the minimum of fuss or hassle!

Multi Stage Bonus Game – You really will find the bonus feature game on offer on the Zuma slot exciting and potentially very high paying, however you will first have to get at least three of the Scatter symbols making an appearance from any one single base game spin.

Once triggered by spinning in three or more Scatter symbols you then have to select a Tiki Boss from those presented to you on the bonus game screen and a set of free spins will then be revealed. You will then play off those free spins on the same stake as you had in play on the triggering spin.

As soon as the free spins have all been played off you then have to pick another Tiki Boss to shoot and by doing so the one you select will reveal a multiplier which will be used to boost the value of your winnings achieved via the free spins bonus game!

High Verified RTP – You will not want to make the mistake of playing a slot that is going to give you very little chance of winning, and in fact that is one of the reasons why we have chosen to put together this guide on how you can play the Zuma slot!

One of the more interesting aspects of this slot that does make it something of a highly playable slot is that its payout percentage has been set very high. The long term expected payout percentage is 95% which does make it a slot you really should be playing for more of your stakes will get paid out to you as winning payouts when compared to some other video slots.

You can always give this slot a whirl via the free play version of the game which does pay and play with the exact same RTP as the real money slot, so you will get a good idea of just how great playing and high paying a slot it is even when playing it for free!

Optional Gamble Option – We love the very unique gamble game that is on offer on the Zuma slot and think you will too so we will now enlighten you on what makes that completely option feature game unique and how to play it off!

You will of course first need to have spun in a winning combination on the base game to be given the option of trying to increase the value of that payout via the optional gamble game and when you do it will take just one click on the illuminated gamble game button for the gamble game screen to launch onto the slot screen.

When it does you first have to decide just how much of the winning payout that you spin in via the base game you want to put at risk. Be aware this gamble game is completely random and not predetermined outcome which many other slot games gamble features are!

Once you are happy with the amount you are going to gamble you next have to pick one of the four reels displayed on the screen which will then spin, to win you have to simply spin in on winning symbol on the payline of the reel you have chosen.

The payout odds will however vary depending on which reel you pick, and the payouts you could achieve dependent on which reel you pick are x2, x4, x5 ad x10 your total gambled amount!


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