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Rank Group All Set to Bring New Casino Games Like Zuma Slots to Its Customers

The Rank Group is considered the leading gaming operator in the entire UK. The digital division of this Group has shown tremendous growth in its fiscal H1. According to the current media reports, the company is all set to release the newest slots and Bingo brands in order to strengthen the customer base. While talking about the company’s interim results, it has shown flat revenue of £326.2 million. However, the reports highlight that digital operations of the Rang Group reached to £52.4 million gaining 11 percent as compared to the past.

In the Words of Henry Birch, CEO of Rank Group

Rank Group CEO, Henry Birch mentioned in a statement that the retail operations of the company have been confronting tough trading challenges. On the other hand, the digital section has been showing incessant growth and has potential to show further improvements in H2. Henry further said that the digital growth has been possible only through This particular casino site has shown a growth of 39% while sites like were at flat £33.1m.

In addition to this, the growth of has been accelerated by better poker products and new sportsbook. It is known that Kambi has become popular among the players as best Sportsbook and is used by the majority of the customers of this casino. Henry said that this sportsbook is greatly helping the Rank Group in retaining its existing customers and attracting the new ones from across the globe.

Rank Group’s Activities During H1

Aiming towards the future growth, Rank Group has restructured its digital operations. During H1, the entire operations of the company were restructured into one team and started reporting as a single entity. This system is still active in the company, as it is bringing great profits to it and helps in multi-brand approach. The company is further looking forward to the launch of a new Bingo brand, Luda at both retail and online. It is going to launch new slots also.

Henry also added in her statement that the further activities will target the existing, lapsed and new digital customers. Since the young generation is seen highly interested in the online casino gaming in today’s era, the company is all set to aim the millennial gamblers. The company claims that the digital operations have contributed for about 14 percent in the total revenue. On the other hand, digital accounts for 45 percent of the entire UK gambling market.

In addition to this, Rank launched VIP microsite, which is Mecca branded in H1. It is known that the company is focusing on its expansion of online live dealer casino. It is because players prefer live casino experience within the comforts of their come. Thus, the company is hopeful that this step will increase its revenues and will reach to more and more people.

The Growth of Enracha – Rank Group’s Spanish Brand

Moving on to the Enracha, the company’s Spanish facing brand, it has shown an increase of almost one-third up to £16.2 million. In fact, the operating profit of the company has been doubled to £2.9 million. It is true that with the launch of full site in H1 , Rank Group has been able to gain a stronger Spanish economy.

The company has plans to expand its gaming portfolio by adding slots to its existing collection of Bingo, and other table games such as roulette and blackjack. While talking about the players, they are going to get a great variety of games including the Zuma slots with better payouts and unique bonus features.

Thus, it is expected that Rank Group is going to hit the casino market with some of the best gaming products.

Partnership Between Pariplay and to Bring in Newer Online Casino Games Like Zuma Slots

Pariplay Ltd. is a highly famous gaming technology company that has been engaged in offering a complete entertainment to the people through online games. The company is into creating the unique systems and online games that can captivate the attention of more and more players. It is also responsible for licensing the Real Money Gaming games and has been established with the sole motive of rendering modern gaming products. Recently, the company has made the news by associating itself with Casino 777.

About Casino 777

While talking about Casino 777, it is a Belgium-based casino, which is further operated by Casino de Spa. Casino de Spa is a land based casino that was founded in the year 1763. This casino is known as the longest serving brick and mortar casino of the Europe. Hence, its customer base is very strong. Further, it is also active in the operation of casino. casino is under the regulation of Belgium Gaming Association and has sets its name in the industry by offering a wide array of slot games like Zuma slots and table games including roulette, baccarat, blackjack and others. It has a live casino also to maximise the interest of the players. The live casino works in English and all the other Belgian languages such as German, Dutch, and French.

About the Partnership Deal Between Pariplay Ltd. and

It is known that is already a partner with iSoftBet, another gaming developer company. It means that the strategic partnership of Pariplay with iSoftBet will result in to the distribution of games through, their content network. The deal will be very profitable for, as it will then be able to enjoy an access over the entire selection of games of Pariplay. It will all be done through the company’s content network, Fusion.

Through the partnership, will gain strength to widen its range of games. It is expected that the fans of this casino are soon going to witness an exclusive variety of slot games powered by Pariplay. The variety includes some of the most interesting slots of Pariplay such as Fish & Chips, The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court, The Magical Forest, Las Cucas Locas, Atari Black Widow, Fur Ball slot and many others. Some of these are branded games while others are original Pariplay slots. All these slots are going to expand the portfolio of to the greatest heights.

In addition to this, it is known that Pariplay is on a mission to come up with many more original and branded slot titles in the New Year 2017. For sure, the upcoming slots will also be added to the portfolio once they are out.

In the words of Adrian Bailey – General Manager, Pariplay Ltd.

Adrian Bailey, General Manager at Pariplay Ltd., recently mentioned in an interview that the company is highly very excited to be a partner with With this partnership, Pariplay will take its first step into the Belgian regulated market. On the other hand, he stated that will be able to attract more Belgian players with the access of Pariplay’s unique and advanced slot games. When it comes to Pariplay, he said that the company’s products will become more exciting, popular and a trusted option for the players. Bailey is proud to announce the partnership news and hopes that it will bring in more profits to both the companies.

Therefore, the partnership between and Pariplay is sure to set new records by attracting the Belgian players in huge numbers. So, just sign up at casino and start exploring the variety of Pariplay’s slots.

Takeover Bid For Gambling Company Tatts Group and How it Can Affect Online Casino Games Like Zuma Slots

Tatts Group, the leading lottery operator in the Australian market has just been at the receiving end of a takeover bid, based upon reliable information released by the Reuters group. According to the Reuters report, a group of investors including Macquarie Group Ltd and leading global investment company KKR has made an offer of around Australian $7.3 billion (approximately US $5.47 billion) to buy the lottery operator.

This move can spell bad news for the acquisition attempt on Tatts that has been mounted by leading Aussie bookmaker Tabcorp Holdings Ltd. Stockholders of the lottery company will definitely want to consider the new offer to see if they can get a better deal under it. Tatts shareholders stood to gain very much from the earlier deal being worked out since they would have got 0.8 Tabcorp shares and 42.5 cents for each of the Tatts shares they had.

In an interesting development, the Macquarie and KKR offer is believed to have a big advantage over those from other Tatts suitors because partners of First State Superannuation Scheme and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure do not require approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Tabcorp bid does not have any such advantage and its bid is currently undergoing detailed scrutiny by the regulator body.

The Tabcorp board seems to have jumped the gun when it released a statement in October to say that its acquisition of Tatts was in the bag. In fact, the company also went on to say that the merged entity would be a major force in the gambling industry in Australia and that the newly created gaming giant would be able to provide good competition to its competitors located abroad. However, the Tabcorp celebrations definitely seem to be premature given the excitement that the new offer is generating. There is also a growing realization that the lottery business occupies a very important space in the gambling industry in Australia.

Charlie Green, Director of Hunter Green Institutional Broking and a shareholder at Tatts said that the new development was pretty much like an auction and would help enhance the value and image of the lottery business in Australia.

However, the consortium’s bid hasn’t exactly been received with enthusiasm by all parties. Gabriel Radzyminski is managing director of Sandon Capital, an activist investor group and also a shareholder of Tatts Group. He is of the opinion that the consortium’s bid will not be successful and that it could be a way to see whether Tabcorp is seriously interested in the lottery business or not. Incidentally, Tabcorp had agreed to pay a 20% premium for the lottery company’s shares. Radzyminski went on to say that the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan should also make a bid for Tatts via its UK lottery company Camelot Group.

Tatts shareholders will have to consider the offers with a great deal of care, not just for short term gains but also for the long term advantage. There are indications that Macquarie will split up Tatts to retain the lottery business which is doing very well and get rid of the wagering verticals that are not performing well.

The online gambling industry is fiercely competitive, and companies are resorting to mergers and acquisitions in order to gain any advantage over their competitors. Customers prefer to visit online gambling sites where they can get a wide range of games and also a reliable and convenient place to gamble. Gaming companies put a lot of effort into creating new and innovative slot games such as Zuma Slots in order to ensure that customers always have interesting games to look forward to when they visit gambling sites.

Increasing Revenues in Spain’s Online Gambling Market with Online Slots like Zuma Slots

The year 2016 has actually proved to be very fruitful for the Spain’s regulated online gambling market. According to the news, the online gambling market of Spain earned profits in double digits in the third quarter of the present year. The Spanish gaming regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) declared that the industry showed a revenue of €103m in the third quarter that ended on September 30. The increase has gone as high as up to 22.2% as compared to the same quarter of the last year.

Without a doubt, the gains have booted up the confidence Spain’s online gambling industry. Here, the customer deposits have fallen by around 2.4% while the total online gambling turnover has fallen by 5.6 % from the second quarter. This means that the growth against such a fall is commendable and has shown great double digit year-on-year gains. While talking about the number of registered users, it has actually risen up to 90% as compared to the last year. In addition, the third quarter showed a growth of new users by 81%.

Result of Addition of Online Casino Games Like Zuma Slots

In the second quarter of the year 2015, the online gambling industry of Spain added online slots to its profile, which has today helped it to reap its benefits. In the present third quarter, the online casino vertical showed a gain of 56.7% up to €28.4 million. All this has been possible only because of the addition of the online slots like Zuma slots, as more and more people around the globe have been attracted to it. The contribution of online slots was at €13.8 million while Roulette contributed with €10.6 million. However, Blackjack remained with €4 million only.

In addition to this, the sports betting revenue has actually increased by 15% every year accounting up to €56.8 million. It is because the total gambling turnover has improved by 19%. When it comes to in-play betting, it comprises of 53.2% of sports revenue and 73.4% of sports wagers. However, on the other hand, the budding exchange betting sector has contributed the minimum with a turnover of only €20.8 million, an increase of just 1.8%. It further contributed with the revenue of €120 thousand only.

Poker: A Fail!

The reports declared that Poker has actually spoilt the entire online gambling revenue. It has fallen down to €13.8 million i.e. 4.3%. This figure has showed a gain of 0.3% on the number of the second quarter. To add on, the revenue and cash game stakes also came down by 9.7%. In contrast to this, the tournament revenue has showed a rise of 0.85% despite the fall of total entry fees by 8.6%.

It has been seen that poker has proved to be a failure in captivating the attention of hundreds and millions of players around the globe. It has failed to build its audience and its value in the market share. On the other hand, the revenues of Bingo have increased by 22% up to €2.2 million by bringing in more audience and the contests have further improved by 23.3% to €1.7 million.

The Bottom Line

In the third quarter, the Spanish licensed operators have hit €19.7 million on advertising. The figure is lower as compared to the second quarter due to the fact that operators rested their marketing campaigns of Euro 2016. To add on, the figures of affiliate spending were at €4.8 million, which is an increase by 9.4%. Therefore, it simply shows that despite the failure of some sectors of online gambling, the Spain’s overall online gambling market has shown a great increase. In future, the double digits are sure to turn into triple digits!

Restrictions and Controversies Over Showboat Casino and Its Zuma Slot Resolved

It came as good news to the media when the Philadelphia developer Bart Blatstein declared that the things have been resolved between him and billionaire investor Carl Icahn. The relations between the two started hazing when the former Showboat Casino was restricted to operate as a non-casino hotel.

About Showboat Casino

According to the media reports, Bart Blatstein made a purchase of former Atlantic City casino. He did this with an intention of reopening it as a non-gambling hotel. He added by mentioning it to the Associated Press that the owner of the Trump Taj Mahal casino, did agree but only a small consideration. This consideration does not involve any payment in return of resolving the claim that it made.

In accordance to the 1988 legal covenant, it was declared that the Showboat casino is not to be used for anything else, even for a hotel except a casino. After this document, the intention of Stockton University to use the casino as a satellite campus was destroyed. The University bought the casino without actually lifting the restriction for $18 million from Caesars Entertainment in the year 2014.

The Trump Entertainment stated that it actually feared that the underage college students would try to show interest in the casino resulting into their loss of studies and costly fines. After buying, The University tried selling it to Glenn Straub, Florida developer and the owner of the former Revel casino. However, the deal cancelled and it finally sold the property to Blatstein, who now wishes to go ahead with his plans to include casino gambling and different games like Zuma slot.

In the Words of Blatstein

Blatstein has clearly said in an interview that he has always had a great business ties with Carl. He made his intention of doing only the right thing for Atlantic City clear and said that the money has not actually altered this working relationship. It has always been a great pleasure dealing with Carl, Blatstein added.

The agreement among the three i.e. Showboat casino, Trump Taj Mahal casino and Resorts states that Showboat should not only operate as a first class casino-hotel and nothing else other than that. Blatstein further mentioned in a comment that he does not require any additional permit from Resorts casino to drop the agreement. It is simply because the Trump Taj Mahal casino actually exercised the authority on behalf of the Resorts casino. Moreover, Resorts casino did not show any immediate interest to the request for commenting.

Restriction on Showboat Casino

The restriction on Showboat casino was placed by its former owner, Caesars Entertainment. At the time when the casino was shut down by this owner, the restriction on it was imposed there and then. However, Blatstein seems to be quite confident that the restriction is not going to be a problem until a casino is reopened there. He said that the restriction of reopening a casino there is only for ten years and then he would be free to operate it according to his will.

Not only Showboat but other three other casinos were shut down in the year 2014 due to the cutthroat competition among the casinos all over. Next in the row is Trump Taj Mahal casino, which is expected to be closed in the coming days.

The Bottom Line

It can be concluded by saying that Blatstein is very happy with the property and has no regrets over it even regarding the restriction. He has even said that the respective deal with Icahn has actually unlocked the real value now. He further considers it to be the most wonderful property in the entire town!

Rivers Casino with the Famous Zuma Slot Asked to Pay $10 Million to the City

No doubt, Rivers Casinos is in pressure of paying millions every year to the city. Yes, according to the media reports, the officials of Pittsburgh have declared that the casino will have to pay an amount of $10 million each year to the state. This amount has to be paid voluntarily by the casino after the announcement of the latest court ruling that has actually threatened the fee paid by the casino to the host municipalities.

In the Words of the Finance Director

Paul Leger is the Finance Director of Pittsburgh and has mentioned in a comment that he is very confident about Rivers Casinos making the payment. He affirmed this after his meeting with the Pittsburgh’s financial overseers appointed by the state, Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority. In addition to this, it is known that the ICA has approved the proposed amount of $539 million by Pittsburgh for operating budget contingent upon the city. It will be further verified 120 days to ensure that the state is going to receive an amount of $10 million every year from Rivers Casino.

Leger has even said that Rivers Casino, which is famous for Zuma Slot, actually expected to pay the amount right from the time they opened the casino for public. He has made it clear that the casino has not resisted at all and has obeyed the orders. The discussions throughout the meeting were cordial without any heated arguments taking place. However, it is also true that the significant Board members including Nick Varischetti and Michael Danovitz were nowhere seen in the meeting.

Reaction of Rivers Casino

While talking about the spokesperson of Rivers Casino, Jack Horner came up to mention that the casino is in no mood to refuse the city’s request. By all means, the casino is going to consider the request and pay the demanded amount voluntarily. In a mail, he has confirmed that further discussions are still taking place to reach to a final decision. The casino is in process of considering other options as well.

Furthermore, it is significant to mention that the ‘local host fee’ has recently been struck down by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The court declared that the local share assessment does not abide by the constitution due to the fact that it actually treats 12 casinos of the state unequally. In fact, the Justices have granted a period of four months to the lawmakers to make changes to this law.

The Case of Pittsburgh

When it comes to the Pittsburgh case, the local share is defaulted to that of $10 million every year and all the board members of ICA have consented to approve the same budget for the state in the year 2017. Furthermore, the authority’s interim executive director, Reynolds “Renny” Clark has stated that the members never wanted to disapprove the budget, as they were quite confident of the digits. He even added that the ICA is not at all sitting on any gaming revenue and is not asking for anything illegal.

Talking about the past ICA budgets, the previous Board actually rejected the budgets of the city in the years 2014 and 2015. According to the reports, the board then also withheld an amount of around $20 million in gambling tax revenue. This simply means that the conditions have improved now. The relations and interactions between the Mayor Bill Peduto’s administration and the ICA have grown in a better way throughout the years.

Hence, it can be seen that the gap in the budget is being attempted to be filled by Leger and other concerned members to improve the casino conditions in the state.

Maryland’s Casino Gambling Revenue Rising High with the Introduction of Zuma Slots

The casino gambling revenue of Maryland has always cracked the news with its incessant profits. Yes, the revenue witnessed year-on-year hike in this September, which has made the concerned authorities overwhelmed. However, it has considerably failed to clear the $100 million hurdle. This piece of writing further discusses the total revenue of Maryland’s different casinos and their actual growth.

About the Total Revenue

According to the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Agency, there was a rise of 11% in the state’s overall casino revenue making the total revenue reach at $97.1 million. In addition to this, the table games contributed almost around $35.4 million of the total amount, an increase of 27% while slot games were at $61.7 million. It hints at the fact that the slot games like Zuma slot are much popular among the casino lovers. Nonetheless, the sad part is that the entire revenue flopped to meet the mark of $100 million despite such great increase. This mark has actually been achieved in last four of the five months through August.

Revenues of Different Casinos

Maryland casino, a casino that features hundreds and thousands of slot machines and other table games made its name with the revenue as high as up to $53.9 million. This casino with classic environs showed an increase of 8.8% year on year and was only a bit off from August’s revenue i.e. $55.9 million. To add on, the very famous Horseshoe Casino Baltimore has showed the best improvement of all the other casinos on the list. It has considerably risen from $21.6% to $26.9 million. It is known that it is due to the table games only that the Horseshoe casino has made such an improvement. The table games helped it to fetch around $12.5 million, an increase of 38% approximately.

Moving on to the Hollywood Casino Perryville, it showed an increase of 4.6%, which means it made a profit of $5.92 million. A little below than Hollywood is the Ocean Downs Casino showing a growth of %2.9% and fetching revenue of $5.87 million. While talking about the Rocky Gap casino, it is at the end of the entire list. However, Rocky has shown an individual growth of 14.9%, which is great but ended up with the revenue of only $4.4 million.

Maryland Live – The Best of All

According to the media reports, the Cordish Companies’ Maryland Live has been given the title of the State’s best casino recently. The tag has been given by the passionate readers of ‘Casino Player Magazine’ who claim to have become the finest fan of this casino. In fact, at the time of annual survey, Maryland Live actually earned 10 Best of Gaming Awards including Casino Where You Feel Luckiest. This means that this is the casino where players would love spending their money to earn great cash and be a millionaire. No doubt, it has become a heartthrob among the players of all the age groups.

When it comes to the statement or the reaction of the General Manager of Maryland Live casino, it is worth noting. Doug Shipley, the GM said that the casino has always been winning the title of Best Casino every year right from the time it was opened for public in the year 2012. Shipley continued mentioning that the under construction hotel expansion worth $200 million is going to make the guests sings songs of praises for the years to come.

At the end, it is known that Shipley is going to have a new competition in the coming year’s survey. The GM looks quite confident to fight through the other opponents like National Harbor and Horseshoe.

Zuma Slots May Reserve Their Place in York County’s Casinos Soon

Perhaps, it was a shock to all when Southern Maine’s secretary of the state actually invalidated approximately 55,000 petition signatures of the group. These petition signatures were significant to secure a spot on the 2017 ballot and that is why, York County casino campaigners were gathering enough signatures to achieve the same.

It is known that this campaign has achieved almost around 35,000 valid signatures of the Maine voters. This number contributes to approx. 57% of the total signatures that were required to qualify for the ballot. Furthermore, the representatives of the campaign have not commented anything on this until now. However, the professional signatories have been seen on the internet discussing about the renewed push to acquire the remaining signatures from Maine.

Donations by Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, the sister of the Shawn Scott who has made his name as the very popular international casino developer made the news y contributing around $300,000. She donated this huge amount to Horseracing Jobs Fairness, as it is behind the county’s casino campaign. In addition to this, according to the finance reports of the campaign, her total contribution has reached to $3.5 million and the total amount left in the accounts of Horseracing Jobs Fairness is almost $1 million, which is an amazing increase.

Renewing the Efforts to Gather Signatures

In order to attain more and more signatures, the County’s campaign has filed paperwork in which the names of the people hired to circulate petitions in Maine has been mentioned. This list of individuals has been provided to the Secretary of State’s Office. According to the spokeswoman for Secretary of State Matt Dunlap’s office, Kristen Muszynski, this actually indicates the further efforts to gather the signatures. In fact, there are around six authorised campaigns to collect the signatures.

State’s Gambling Establishments

Oxford Casino in Western Maine and Hollywood Casino in Bangor are the two very strong gambling establishments of the state. However, it is expected that the York County’s casino will captivate the attention of the people from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Yes, the people who are a great fan of casino games like Zuma slots are sure to visit this casino. It is significant to highlight that the proposed ballot measure was established to allow only one individual to bring the slot machines to York County i.e. the entrepreneur of Las Vegas, Shawn Scott. Scott was the one who won voter approval for Maine successfully in the year 2003.

Invalidation of the Signatures

As per the media reports, Dunlap had actually invalidated 55,776 signatures out of 91,924 petition signatures that were gathered by the campaign. The reason behind the invalidation was that some signatures were not of the registered voters. In fact, all those signatures were identical. As a result of this, there have been many authenticity questions and the valid signatures left were only 35,518 that were counted as valid. It means that the campaign has been short of 61,123 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot.

To add on, rumors are that the circulators of the petition followed illegal and deceitful practices and some were not even paid. It was known that many of these full-time campaigners were offered up to $10 a signature and free housing & transportation. It means that the organisers were only aimed at gathering as many signatures irrespective of the means just to meet the cutoff to submit all these petitions to the state election officials.

Therefore, it is expected that the required number of remaining valid signatures will soon be acquired legally and the petition circulators of Maine be paid their dues!

 William Hill Introduces Zuma slot

william hills logoMajor UK bookmaker William Hill has struck two new integrity deals with the English Football Association and Scottish Football Association in an effort to safe guard United Kingdom football against scurrilous activities and negative outside influences.

The two new memorandums of understanding (MoU’s) will see the bookmaker liaise with the Football Associations and share information in relation to any unusual and suspicious betting patterns that emerge in football matches held inside both countries.

William Hill will be monitoring for Illegal activities such as insider betting and match fixing and their surveillance will cover all games held under the auspices of both FA’s for the upcoming season ahead.

About Zuma Slot

Mr Bill South, who acts in the position of Director of Security at William Hill, spoke of the bookmakers desire to show leadership in this area of unsavoury behaviour, and it his belief that the two newly signed MoU’s will be of great assistance in helping William Hill monitor and stamp out any potential damaging behaviour by third parties.  William hill is also a key online slots provider in the uk.

Comment From The Scottish Football Association

Mr Peter McLaughlin, who acts in the position of Security and Integrity Officer at the Scottish FA, spoke of the FA’s commitment to fighting organised activities that illegally affect the outcomes of all of its sanctioned matches.

Mr McLaughlin also acknowledged that there is a global trend in this area and it is hoped that with William Hill’s increased assistance such illegal behaviour can be prevented or prosecuted successfully if found to of occurred.

Chinese Group Snaps Up Caesar’s Playtika Games Unit

A consortium of Chinese investors headed by Shanghai Giant Network Technology Co and including Alibaba founder, Jack Ma’s private equity company has just closed a deal to pick up Playtika Ltd, the online casino-style games company which has been part of the Caesars Entertainment Corp through its online gaming division Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment since 2011. The deal is worth $4.4 billion is entirely in cash and took place after an auction. It will give money-strapped Caesars the much needed breathing space in its negotiations with creditors.

The members of the consortium included China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Hony Capital Fund, and China Minsheng Trust Co., apart from Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Capital. In a statement released to the media last Sunday, the buyers said that Playtika’s operations would not be moved from its existing location in Herzliya, Israel. In fact, the company’s existing management would also remain in place since the buyers have said that they don’t wish to disrupt the creative process and corporate culture of the Israeli company.

The Playtika purchase will most likely be completed in latter part of 2016 once all the regulatory approvals have been obtained. It is worth pointing out here that no other Israeli founded company has managed to attract such a sale price so far!

The Chinese buyers have very clearly invested in Playtika, which indicates the growing importance of mobile gaming. Increasing numbers of gamblers are opting to gamble on mobile applications instead of PCs or consoles. In fact, the number of people accessing games through their mobile phones has surpassed the number of people accessing them through their desktops long back. So it only makes sense to follow in the same direction.

However, this deal does not involve any of Playtika’s real-money online gambling businesses and its World Series of Poker. But this could be more of a strategic decision, only time will tell!

Playtika has been a pioneer of the free-to-play casino-style games available on social networks. It was founded in 2010 by Uri Shahak and Robert Antokal. Since then, it has created a number of popular games such as Bingo Blitz and House of Fun that have gone viral within a short period of being launched! But Slotomania is probably the one with the maximum players. In fact, many of the company’s games have ranked very high on App Store and Google Play and they entertain millions of players all over the world every day.

Did you know that the games developed by Playtika are played by more than 6 million people every single day? Now that’s some real popularity. These people are located in about 190 countries and the games are available in 12 languages on over 10 platforms.

Playtika CEO Robert Antokol is understandably excited about the deal even though the maximum benefit from the deal will go to Caesars. His company will now have access to emerging markets that are not only large, but are also seeing a fast growth. The company has offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It employs a team of about 1,300 people at the time of writing this article.

It is very interesting to come across such a large Chinese investment in an industry that is banned by that country’s government. Gambling is immensely popular in China and many of its citizens flock to online gaming sites or land based casinos in Macau and other parts of Asia. It is clear to see that the consortium has made a long term investment in the gambling industry. If the gamble does pay off, and it will indeed take many years for China to legalize gambling, then the rewards for the investors will be truly massive.