An Overview of Zuma Slot

Designed by the impressive and forever growing Blueprint Gaming, Zuma Video Slots is an exciting and engaging take on the slots world, and is based on the famous age-old game known as Popcap. With five reels to choose from and twenty paylines, you can enjoy the stunning setting and feel of the game with ease. It’s based in an Aztec jungle style setting, and what you need to do is try and defeat the Big Bad Tiki who are the “bosses” of this game, if you will.

The rules are fairly simple – spin and try to win money, unlock free spins, re-triggers and bonuses as you go. You can put on anything from 20p-£500 per spin, so try and make the most of the opportunity in front of you without going too crazy!

Should you get the Frog symbol appear on the reels 3 or more times at once, then you will unlock a variety of free spins if you manage to hit the Big Bad Tikki boss as he flies past. This is a multiplier effect on your free spins and you wind up with a huge variety of free spins all the way up to 50 free spins!

This can be really powerful for you if you are trying to build up some momentum – all you need to do is get lucky with what appears and then really go at it with the Tikki bosses to make sure you get the highest score possible. This is a highly-charged and thoroughly enjoyable game. Not only is it fast paced and quite unique in comparison to other slot games out there but it offers one of the highest levels of reward for the money that you can put on – very few slot games let you go as high as £500 per spin!

With a 200% first deposit bonus waiting for you when you sign up you can leave yourself with a nice little bit of extra cash on top of what you put in to make sure you have enough to really get the lay of the game and make sure that it’s the one you are going to be playing for the long-term.

It’s fun, it’s different and it brings you all of the enjoyment and style that you could possibly need from a slots game – what more can you ask for? Definitely worth checking out if you feel the need to get something a little bit more unique than the traditional slot games out there that are all the same as each other.