Blueprint Gaming

About the Brand That Created Zuma Slot

Blueprint Gaming was initially founded in 2001. It’s finally making a name for itself today. This is because they have been striving hard to add their name to the gaming giants in the industry. They have been focussing all their energy on producing some kick-ass digital content for online and mobile casinos, land-based venues and […]

An Honest Review of Zuma Slots

Zuma slot is a very good example of how an arcade game can be converted into a slot machine game efficiently. It’s been inspired by the action-puzzler PopCap game of the same name. The PopCap game already had a good fan following, and most likely that’s the reason why the slot machine is also very […]

Bingo Sites with Zuma Slots

Having had pride of place on the gaming floors of lots of different land based casinos all over the globe for many years now, the Zuma slot has now been released and configured as an online and mobile bingo site slot game! If you have never played this hugely popular slot machine before, then you […]

Casinos with Zuma Slot

There are now three different types of casinos where you can access and play the Zuma slot game. Originally this all singing and all dancing video slot was launched as a land based slot machine and as such you will find it at hundreds of different casinos, many of which you may have visited before. […]

How to Play Zuma Slot

There are plenty of different slot games and slot machines that you are going to find yourself playing when you sign up to a range of different casino sites, and as a player you should be actively seeking out those slots which have been designed to give players the maximum entertainment and excitement. You will […]

Zuma Slots Bonus Games

Having made your mind up that you would like to start playing slot games online or on a mobile device, you will then need to spend a little bit of time looking around and discovering just which slot games have been designed in such a way that you will get the maximum fun and entertainment […]